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Hello, my name is Austin Charron (pronounced "Shuh-RON"). I hold a PhD in geography and am broadly trained in the sub-disciplines of political and cultural geography. I am also a specialist in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), with a focus on cartography and geospatial analysis.

My background is in academia, where I developed an expertise in social identities and their relationships with space and place, with a focus on the countries of the former Soviet Union and Ukraine in particular. Since 2020 I have shifted away from academia and am now focused on a career as a GIS professional. I currently work as a GIS Technician in the Public Works Department for the City of Dallas, Oregon.

I was born and raised in Corvallis, Oregon, but lived in the Midwest for ten years before returning to the Pacific Northwest in 2020 and settling in Salem, Oregon in 2023. As a life-long geography nerd, in my free time I love exploring new places both nearby and around the world, and have traveled to over 30 countries. I also enjoy getting outdoors, collecting records, and spending time with my cat (Soupy) and dog (Tallulah).

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