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Academic Writing and Publications

PhD Dissertation (2018):

In Our Country, But Outside Our Homeland:

Identity and Diaspora Among Ukraine’s Internally Displaced Crimeans  (PDF)

MA Thesis (2012):

“Through the National Lens”: Nationality, Territory, and the

Formation of “Crimean-Russian” Identity  (PDF)

Book Chapters and Journal Articles:

“Crimea’s 1954 Transfer to Ukraine: A Practical Yet Contested Union.”

In Making Ukraine: Negotiating, Contesting and Drawing Borders in the 20th Century,

edited by Olena Palko and Constantin Ardeleanu. McGill University Press, 2022.

“Indigeneity, Displacement, and Regional Place Attachment

Among IDPs from Crimea.” (PDF)

In Geographical Review, volume 112, issue 1, 2022.


“Russia’s Recolonization of Crimea.” (PDF)

In Current History, volume 119, issue 819, October 2020.

“‘Somehow, We Cannot Accept It’: Drivers of Internal Displacement

from Crimea and the Forced/Voluntary Migration Binary.” (PDF)

In Europe-Asia Studies, volume 72, issue 3, 2020.


“Russian-Occupied Crimea and the State of Exception:

Repression, Persecution, and Human Rights Violations.” (PDF)

In Eurasian Geography and Economics, vol. 60, issue 1, 2019. Co-authored with Halya Coynash.


“Crimean Tatars’ Postcolonial Condition and Strategies of

Cultural Decolonization in Mainland Ukraine.” (PDF)

In Euxeinos: Governance and Culture in the Black Sea Region, volume 9, issue 28, 2019.

“Whose is Crimea? Contested Sovereignty and Regional Identity.” (PDF)

In Region: Regional Studies of Russia, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia, volume 5, issue 2, 2016.


“Political Geography, New Regionalism, and Rescaling Identity.” (PDF)

In The SAIS Review of International Affairs, volume 35, issue 2, 2016. Co-authored with Alexander Diener.

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