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Cartography Portfolio

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Crater Lake National Park Map

Stylized reference map of Oregon's only national park, including major landscape features and points of interest.

Map discussing and exploring the potential range of the highly endangered Shasta's Owl Clover in one part of Northern California.

Detailed layout with several maps that demonstrates the pros and cons of different methods for classifying objects visible in aerial images. 

Large, detailed layout exploring the spatial and temporal dimensions of Russian imperialism, including the war in Ukraine.

Map layout that visualizes heating and cooling trends in and around the Portland, Oregon metro area between 1992 and 2019.

A series of maps considering racial and economic disparities in the selection of a site to build a new park in Portland, Oregon.

Large layout featuring several maps that explain the geo-analytical process of selecting a potential site to building a campground.

Map explaining and visualizing the process of selecting an ideal site for the location of a new branch of the Multnomah County Library.

A playful map that investigates that burning question: is the notorious Bigfoot attracted to the smell of donuts?

Interactive map and dashboard exploring the many Russian, Ukrainian, Romanian, and other Eastern European gravesites in east Portland's Multnomah Park Cemetery. Click the image to open the full-screen dashboard (this may not work on mobile devices). View this StoryMap for more context about Portland's Eastern European communities and their unique gravestones.

Created in partnership with the People of Color Psychedelic Collective, this interactive map and dashboard visualizes the racial disparities and injustices of drug possession arrests and, specifically, marijuana possession arrests across the United States. Click the image to open the full-screen dashboard (this may not work on mobile devices).

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